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Design. Donate. Delight.

There's usually a story to be told behind every business name. 

My story for GRACE is in honor of my late-son Frankie. 


My son struggled with mental illness, alcoholism and addiction for many years. As a family, we did everything in our power to save him but towards the end, the disease was too powerful, and we lost him to the demons of addiction.

For the past ten years, I would always say,

"It's by the Grace of God that my son is still alive."

So, for me, GRACE isn't just a business name,

it represents my faith, trust and purpose in life.

Families dealing with mental illness and addiction struggle with not only the emotional and physical pain but also the financial hardships to help their child through the steps of sobriety.

Frankie lived in many sober houses, and I'll be the first to tell you that not all sober houses are created equal but there were a couple that helped him during his many periods of sobriety.

For every website I create, I will donate a portion of the

proceeds to Normandy Sober Living in Elmwood Park, Illinois,

 to contribute to someone's rent, groceries, public transportation pass, clothing or to simply attend a fun event.

So not only will you have peace of mind with GRACE Web Designs,

your new website will help support someone's

road to recovery. 


I thank you in advance for your support and for being a part of 


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